Qatar’s Hamad International Airport unveils expansion plans

Qatar’s Hamad International Airport unveils expansion plans

Plans have been revealed for Qatar’s Hamad International Airport which is set to be expanded to handle 60 million passengers a year after 2022.

The expansion at the Doha-based airport includes 11,720 square metres of retail and food & beverage space, a 10,000 square metre indoor tropical garden and a 268 square metre water feature.

Its expansion will feature nine new wide body stands and 22 extra bus gates.

The expansion plans are said to be put in place because of Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The construction work, which is said to start early next year, will link concourses D and E.

The second phase, where the airport will be able to handle over 60 million passengers, will begin sometime after 2022 and see the expansion of concourse’s D and E.

In addition to these plans, a new cargo terminal will also be built, increasing capacity to an estimated 3.2 million tonnes a year by 2023.

The airport is Qatar’s main commercial airport handling 34.5 million passengers in 2018.

(Source: News by Airline Economics, Photo by Safwan Mahmud on Unsplash)

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