Poland’s Jasionka Airport set to undergo major investment

Poland’s Jasionka Airport set to undergo major investment

Polish aviation group, LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services (LOTAMS) is set to purchase two plots of land, equalling over 13 hectares, at Jasionka Airport.

It’s a move which will see one of the largest and ultra-modern aircraft maintenance bases in Europe being built. From 2022, narrow and widebody aircraft from around the world will be serviced there.

In the first stage of construction at the Rzeszów base, approximately 150 million PLN (approximately £21.5 million) will be invested with over 300 jobs being created.

Ultimately, investments will reach 500 million PLN (approximately £102 million) and the employment level will be over 1,500 people. The entire infrastructure will consist of three hangars for servicing and repairing aircraft and one dedicated hangar for painting of the planes.

The project involves the creation of workshop, warehouse, technical, social and office facilities.

LOTAMS will be able to perform simultaneous maintenance of four widebody aircrafts like twin-engine Boeing 787 Dreamliner, five narrow-body aircrafts (e.g. Boeing 737) or alternatively 15 narrow-body aircrafts or up to 20 regional aircrafts (e.g. Embraer 195).

Adam Hamryszczak, Rzeszów Jasionka Airport CEO, said:

“The expansion of the technical base in Jasionka is a chance for our airport to strengthen cooperation with the national carrier in the context of the development of the connection network. It is also part of our strategy to diversify the company’s revenue sources and attract new business partners.”

(Source: News; Airline Economics, Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash)

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